Opening Day - Açılış Günü

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“Hiç Bitmeyen Oyun”

“The Never-Ending Game”

Gökşen Parlatan


Yeşilköy Sanat Evi ve Kent Müzesi

                                                                                          Mosaic Exhibition / Mozaik Sergisi

Boris Anrep – A dedicated life to mosaic art

Boris Anrep – Floor Mosaic from National Gallery of Art in London: a portrait of T.S. Eliot as “Leisure”, studying the Theory of Relativity.

Boris Anrep (1883 – 1969)

Sometimes called “von Anrep” and miscalled “Van Anrep” by Ezra Pound NA26.9:145, he was a Russian aristocrat who became a well known sculptor and mosaic artist. He trained at the Académie Julian in Paris, spent some time in London, where he provided critical support for Roger Fry’s second Post-Impressionist show, then returned to Russia, where he wrote poetry and became a friend of the poet Anna Akhmatova. But he left after the revolution and settled in London. He was a well-known figure among the Bloomsbury Group.