“Shadow Game” theme


I had a solo exhibition lately. My friends and family visited my last solo exhibition and the other visitors also loved what they saw.

So I was very grateful for having this exhibition.

The theme of the exhibition was “shadow game” which the philosopher Plato told us about a cave. He explains our every day experience by giving an example about the slaves who sit down and chained to each other against the wall. They watch the shadow games on the wall and think that all is real. But one of them turns his head back and sees that the light comes fom there and the reality is in the back.

This story reveals that not everything is real which our eyes saw. And making us think that the illusion presents himself as the reality

Shadow Game solo exhibition

I have this exhibition between 28.05-03.06.2018 dates in a mall in Istanbul

I hope everything goes well and “Shadow Game” is understood by everyone

Being behind the curtain and watching what happens in our lives as a game is the main concept of this work and the exhibition.




Surrender Flower

IMG_20171226215348.jpg Surrender Flower mosaic work design

I love the meaning of the surrender that I found in this web site, here I put the article:


By surrender we mean … a spontaneous self-giving, a giving of all yourself to the Divine, to a greater Consciousness of which you are a part. Surrender will not diminish, but increase, it will not lessen or weaken or destroy your personality, it will fortify and aggrandise it. Surrender means a free total giving with all the delight of the giving. . . . True surrender enlarges you; it increases your capacity; it gives you a greater measure in quality and in quantity which you could not have had by yourself. This new greater measure of quality and quantity is different from anything you could attain before: you enter into another world, into a wideness which you could not have entered if you did not surrender. It is as when a drop of water falls into the sea; if it still kept there its separate identity, it would remain a little drop of water and nothing more, a little drop crushed by all the immensity around, because it has not surrendered. But, surrendering, it unites with the sea and participates in the nature and power and vastness of the whole sea.

Opening Day - Açılış Günü

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“Hiç Bitmeyen Oyun”

“The Never-Ending Game”

Gökşen Parlatan


Yeşilköy Sanat Evi ve Kent Müzesi

                                                                                          Mosaic Exhibition / Mozaik Sergisi

Boris Anrep – A dedicated life to mosaic art

Boris Anrep – Floor Mosaic from National Gallery of Art in London: a portrait of T.S. Eliot as “Leisure”, studying the Theory of Relativity.

Boris Anrep (1883 – 1969)

Sometimes called “von Anrep” and miscalled “Van Anrep” by Ezra Pound NA26.9:145, he was a Russian aristocrat who became a well known sculptor and mosaic artist. He trained at the Académie Julian in Paris, spent some time in London, where he provided critical support for Roger Fry’s second Post-Impressionist show, then returned to Russia, where he wrote poetry and became a friend of the poet Anna Akhmatova. But he left after the revolution and settled in London. He was a well-known figure among the Bloomsbury Group.