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  • Chagall mosaic competition on Mozaik Sanatı site

    The 1st place: Gökşen Parlatan – “Kemancı” I am so happy to take the 1st place in this competition. On this site mozaiksanati.ning.com we arrange mosaic competitions with Turkish mosaic artists. In this competition I took the most of the votes and won the competition. Thanks a lot:)

  • Björk album cover reproduction competition – vote for me!

    I am joining Björk contest of Roskilde festival with this mosaic piece of mine, it is very exciting to be a part of this contest and it is superb to go to the festival if I win the tickets:) Here is a link so you can vote for me for the contest: http://www.facebook.com/orangefeeling?sk=app_283534511739385