İstanbul bienali Yedinci Kıta (2)

Bu bölümde de Pera Müzesi’ndeki işlerin fotoğrafları yer alıyor. Fotoğrafları fikir vermesi amacıyla koyuyorum. Yoksa sanatçılar farklı farklı ve hepsinin başka bir hikayesi var.Pera müzesinin alt katlardaki sergileri de çok güzel; Osman Hamdi Bey tabloları bulunuyor ve eski saray ressamlarının da eserleri sergileniyor.

“Abrakadabra” the theme of the exhibition

The origin of Abrakadabra, which means “I create what I say”, is Aramaic.

In ancient times, a triangular amulet was used to heal patients. And it would mean “don’t hurt me.” Thus, the patients were cured.

Abrakadabra, also known as a magic word, draws attention to the power of words in every sense.

In the Qur’an, it is mentioned that the beautiful word is like a tree in the soil extending from the branches to the sky and always giving its fruit with the permission of Allah.

It can be understood that saying good words is to make beautiful creations.

We wish you to say good words and make beautiful creations;


Gökşen Parlatan

Shadow Game solo exhibition

I have this exhibition between 28.05-03.06.2018 dates in a mall in Istanbul

I hope everything goes well and “Shadow Game” is understood by everyone

Being behind the curtain and watching what happens in our lives as a game is the main concept of this work and the exhibition.




What May Brings Exhibition

DSCN1013 DSCN1008 DSCN1009 DSCN1007


We are in the opening day in these photos. I am here in this exhibition with my Swan Lake mosaic.

It was very honorable to be in the middle of the painters with our mosaics in this exhibition.

Mayısın Getirdikleri / What May Brings

3-15 May 2014

Ressamlar Derneği Sanatevi