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  • Magic Giraffe mosaic art

    Magic Giraffe / Sihirli Zürafa 2017 mixed media

  • Magic Giraffe Mosaic Artwork

    This is a work in progress but I love how it gets in shape and wanted to share it:)

  • Giraffe mosaic in ancient artworks

    Giraffe mosaic in ancient artworks

    Mosaic of giraffe (camel-shaped), part of the 6th century floor in aisle of the Byzantine church in Petra, Jordan. 6th century AD. Photo Credit: Jane Taylor / The Art Archive at Art Resource, NY Images of giraffes were rare in classical antiquity, mainly because giraffes were a rare sight indeed. Found in sub-Saharan East Africa,…

  • Man leading a giraffe mosaic

    Man leading a giraffe mosaic

    Source:Wikipedia Mosaic Fragment with Man Leading a Giraffe The Mosaic Fragment with Man Leading a Giraffe is a mosaic from the 5th century CE is now held in the Art Institute of Chicago. The piece is Byzantine and originated in northern Syria or Lebanon. Mosaics of this type were commonly used to decorate wealthy family villas. BackgroundEdit Mosaic Fragment with Man Leading…