Kaplan Gözü sergi açılışı / Eye Of The Tiger opening day of the exhibition

Björk album cover reproduction competition – vote for me!

I am joining Björk contest of Roskilde festival with this mosaic piece of mine, it is very exciting to be a part of this contest and it is superb to go to the festival if I win the tickets:)

Here is a link so you can vote for me for the contest:


“The Poppies” a stained glass mosaic artwork – “Gelincikler” bir dökme cam çalışması


35 x 50 cm

Stained glass


by Gökşen Parlatan

“Birth of a star” mosaic – “Bir Yıldızın Doğuşu” mozaiği

There is a weightful work on my dreamland and supposed so.
To specify its guarantee
I work hard
To integrate the passengers into it
So a little bit spooky
Cautious I am in every way
But some illogical things are so relaxed

Wish Tree

Me and Filiz Baltacı are doing a tree named as “Wish Tree”. We started it today. It will be made from ceramics. In the mind a lot of ideas are flying and during the progress they will become true side by side. We hope that this tree will be associated with our wishes that run us to feel the incitement to do this tree. And for the audiences it will be a pray so one can wrap a wish around this ceramic tree.