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  • Opening day of my mosaic exhibition – Mozaik sergimin açılış günü

    12.02.2012 – 24.02.2012 Mosaic and ceramic exhibition at Hür Coach Academy Exhibition was at the same time with the opening of the Hür Coach Academy. In the opening we had a violin concert, violinist played our favourite songs and we had photos with her violin. I had good time in the opening of my exhibition. […]

  • Thanks to Universe! – Şükürler Olsun!

    This is the 1. presentation of my “birth of a star” mosaic work –  Bir yıldızın Doğuşu mozaiğimin ilk gösterimi Thanks to Universe to make such a work! I imitate and resonate the beautiful imagination of the Creator! Simply doing a catch in the eye and sometimes a flash in the mind every miracle comes […]