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  • New sketches, paintings and mosaics

    New sketches, paintings and mosaics

    I try to imorove my drawing skills and I get some courses. Here you can find some last sketches that I made. And some oil paintings that I painted recently Thank you for checking out my new works, have a nice day / night 🙂

  • Interaction / Etkileşim

    Interaction / Etkileşim

    My new work is about the interaction process. How it changes the people, the situations and the world. Interacting in a best possible way is the solution to the human problems and interacting conciously is a must- do in this tech-based age. I think there is a beautiful thing in the interaction that we create…

  • Mermer mozaiğe nasıl başlanır 1

    Mermer mozaiğe nasıl başlanır 1

    Merhaba arkadaşlar Bu videomda mermer mozaiğe nasıl başlanır onu gösteriyorum. Mermer nozaikle ilgili sorularınızı veye yorumlarınızı videonun altındaki yorum kısmına yazabilirsiniz.