Interaction / Etkileşim

My new work is about the interaction process. How it changes the people, the situations and the world.

Interacting in a best possible way is the solution to the human problems and interacting conciously is a must- do in this tech-based age.

I think there is a beautiful thing in the interaction that we create something different from ourselves in the process so it is worth to discover more.

My work is a marble mosaic on mdf and it is growing day by day, hope you like it!


Yeni çalışmam etkileşim süreci ile ilgili. İnsanları, durumları ve dünyayı nasıl değiştirdiği çok önemli.

Mümkün olan en iyi şekilde etkileşmek, insan sorunlarına çözüm buluyor ve bilinçli bir şekilde etkileşime girmek teknoloji temelli çağda yapılması gereken bir şey.

Etkileşimde kendimizden farklı bir şey yarattığımız için güzel bir şey olduğunu düşünüyorum, bu yüzden daha fazlasını keşfetmeye değer.

Çalışmam mdf üzerine mermer mozaik ve günden güne büyüyor, umarım beğenirsiniz!

Tanrının Hikayeleri mozaik


Sergi hazırlığım devam ederken eksikleri olan mozaikleri de bitirip derzlemeye başlıyorum. Bitenlerden biri de Tanrinin Hikayeleri.

Tanrinin Hikayeleri / Tales Of God

50 x 70 cm

Mermer mozaik / Marble mosaic


Derzsiz / Ungrouted

Konu hakkinda:

Tanrının Hikayeleri konusu aklıma geldiğinde ben bir dizi izliyordum. Dizide yavaş yavaş hafızasını kaybeden bir adam vardı. Ben de onun kendi hikayesini hatırlamadığını düşündüm. Peki onu tanıyan kimse de kalmazsa onun hikayesini ya da yaşamını kim hatırlayacaktı?

Bu soruyu sorduktan sonra adamin aslinda bir hikaye olduğunu anladim. Bu hikayeyi de tanri anlatiyordu ve kimsenin bilmesine gerek yoktu.

Bizlerin de hafızamıza, bilincimize güvenerek kendi hayatımızı yaşamamız birdenbire anlamsız geldi.

Ve herkesin tanrinin bir hikayesi olduğunun farkina vardim. Böylece konu doğmuş oldu.

About subject:

I was watching a series when I thought of Tales of God. There was a man who slowly lost his memory in the show. And I thought he didn’t remember his own story. But who would recognize his story or his life if nobody knew him?

After I asked this question, I realized the man was actually a story. God told this story and nobody needed to know.

It was suddenly meaningless for us to live our own lives by trusting in our memory and consciousness.

And I realized that everyone is a story. So the subject was born.

Surrender Flower Mosaic


Surrender Flower Mosaic / Tevekkül Çiçeği Mozaik


Marble mosaic / Mermer Mozaik

Surrender flower blooms when a person finds his/her way through  life.

I think this flower shows some strength and this strength is in the characteristical features. Because in surrendering there are some kind of qualities that simplifies the process in the occupations of life. When encountering the hardships and difficulties we can surrender and see this flower bloom in front of our eyes. Surrendering to every situation we gain velocity and momentum for our dreams to come true.

Mosaics are masterpieces

Mosaics are masterpieces

POSTED: Friday, March 17, 2017 – 6:36 a.m.

How many times have we all been out on a drive only to gaze out the window at a beautiful mosaic on a church? Even traveling on vacation, mosaics are noticed in all sorts of places. Sidewalks, the side of a building and mostly in churches. Just recently, I had the pleasure of witnessing the very large palm mosaic design being installed on the front fascia of a new hotel building.

As beautiful as mosaics are to look at, many are unaware of the tedious labor it takes to install these masterpieces of art. Not only are they labor-intensive, but designing the perfect mosaic masterpiece for a specific space, whether in a home, religious building or commercial space, can be time-consuming — especially knowing that the beauty of such artwork may be in the eye of the beholder.

A few specifics to note before deciding to install a mosaic medallion, or even a mosaic border, in your home. If a perfect look is desired in your mosaic, keep in mind the beauty of a mosaic is that not all lines will be straight or perfect. This is the attractiveness of a mosaic, a piece of art. Some mosaic borders have very tiny pieces of stones, called pebble mosaics, that must be hand-placed to make certain designs and mitered corners.

Mosaics can be made up of a combination of stones and other materials. Usually composed of marble, in today’s creative design world, many mosaic borders can be found with a mixture of hard elements. Crushed glass, marble, metal and pearl can be used in a mosaic to bring a whole bathroom together. This combination will bring in design features such as texture, visual smoothness and design details. For example, a mosaic border with these textures will bring in the glass of the shower doors and light fixtures. The metal tile detail will tie in with the metal plumbing hardware, such as the faucet in the sink and shower. The pearl will bring together the marble countertop used in the space.

If you want to create your own mosaic medallion in a bathroom in front of a vanity or front entry hallway, many options are available to inspire your creativity, from elaborate marble and mirror florals to penny octagon tiles.

If a more dramatic option for a mosaic is desired, larger designs are more popular today than ever. Large diamond marble cutouts bordered with swerving, contrasting marble inserts would be a striking statement, embellished with a glass dot in a shower or for a focal wall in a foyer entry.

Because in today’s world of tile, mosaics are defined as masterpieces of art, when working with mosaics, the creative possibilities are endless.

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