Interaction / Etkileşim

My new work is about the interaction process. How it changes the people, the situations and the world.

Interacting in a best possible way is the solution to the human problems and interacting conciously is a must- do in this tech-based age.

I think there is a beautiful thing in the interaction that we create something different from ourselves in the process so it is worth to discover more.

My work is a marble mosaic on mdf and it is growing day by day, hope you like it!


Yeni çalışmam etkileşim süreci ile ilgili. İnsanları, durumları ve dünyayı nasıl değiştirdiği çok önemli.

Mümkün olan en iyi şekilde etkileşmek, insan sorunlarına çözüm buluyor ve bilinçli bir şekilde etkileşime girmek teknoloji temelli çağda yapılması gereken bir şey.

Etkileşimde kendimizden farklı bir şey yarattığımız için güzel bir şey olduğunu düşünüyorum, bu yüzden daha fazlasını keşfetmeye değer.

Çalışmam mdf üzerine mermer mozaik ve günden güne büyüyor, umarım beğenirsiniz!

Divine Providence

Divine Providence/ Takdir-i İlahi

50 x 70 cm

Marble mosaic on mdf / Mermer mozaik


What is Divine Providence:

Divine Providence

Traditional theism holds that God is the creator of heaven and earth, and that all that occurs in the universe takes place under Divine Providence— that is, under God’s sovereign guidance and control. According to believers, God governs creation as a loving father, working all things for good. Moreover, it is said, God is an absolutely perfect being. He is, first of all, omniscient or all-knowing: he knows of all truths that they are true, and of all falsehoods that they are false, whether they pertain to past, present or future. And God’s knowledge does not change. Nothing is learned or forgotten with him; what he knows, he knows from eternity and infallibly. Second, God is omnipotent or all-powerful: anything that is logically possible, he can do. Finally, God is perfectly good: in all circumstances he acts for the best, intending the best possible outcome. Given these suppositions, our initial expectation would be that all of creation, animate and inanimate, is ordained to perfect good: that as creator God pitches his efforts, which none can resist, toward accomplishing the greatest good imaginable, and hence that the world in which we find ourselves is, as Leibniz put it, the best of all possible worlds. But alas, the evidence is otherwise. The world may contain much good, but it is also a place of suffering, destruction, and death. Life is brief, and afflicted with sorrows of every kind—as often as not with no discernible purpose at all, much less a good one. And it ends for each of us in personal destruction—in death, which trumps all worldly hopes, and conceals impenetrably any experience that may lie beyond. Nor are these mere human hardships. Every living thing dies, all that is beautiful perishes, everything nature builds is destroyed. Indeed, on one scientific account of the end of things not an atom, not a photon will escape the cauldron of the universe’s final collapse. And that is not all. In human affairs there is the additional evil of sin: the willful wrongdoing of which we all are at times victims and at other times perpetrators.

Tanrının Hikayeleri mozaik


Sergi hazırlığım devam ederken eksikleri olan mozaikleri de bitirip derzlemeye başlıyorum. Bitenlerden biri de Tanrinin Hikayeleri.

Tanrinin Hikayeleri / Tales Of God

50 x 70 cm

Mermer mozaik / Marble mosaic


Derzsiz / Ungrouted

Konu hakkinda:

Tanrının Hikayeleri konusu aklıma geldiğinde ben bir dizi izliyordum. Dizide yavaş yavaş hafızasını kaybeden bir adam vardı. Ben de onun kendi hikayesini hatırlamadığını düşündüm. Peki onu tanıyan kimse de kalmazsa onun hikayesini ya da yaşamını kim hatırlayacaktı?

Bu soruyu sorduktan sonra adamin aslinda bir hikaye olduğunu anladim. Bu hikayeyi de tanri anlatiyordu ve kimsenin bilmesine gerek yoktu.

Bizlerin de hafızamıza, bilincimize güvenerek kendi hayatımızı yaşamamız birdenbire anlamsız geldi.

Ve herkesin tanrinin bir hikayesi olduğunun farkina vardim. Böylece konu doğmuş oldu.

About subject:

I was watching a series when I thought of Tales of God. There was a man who slowly lost his memory in the show. And I thought he didn’t remember his own story. But who would recognize his story or his life if nobody knew him?

After I asked this question, I realized the man was actually a story. God told this story and nobody needed to know.

It was suddenly meaningless for us to live our own lives by trusting in our memory and consciousness.

And I realized that everyone is a story. So the subject was born.

Geleceği Hatırlamak / Remembering The Future


Şu anda yaptığım mozaiğin adı “Geleceği Hatırlamak ”

Devam eden bir proje olarak ilk fotoğrafını buraya koyuyorum.

Kullandigim malzeme mdf üzerine mermer.

Konu hakkında birşeyler söylemem gerekirse bu tema bir kahve falından esinlenildi.

Güncelleme / Update : 30.10.2018

Bitmek üzere🦒😊✌

About to finish🖖⭐🐶

Bitti gibi 31.10.2018

Hayırlara vesile olsun🦄🦒🐘⭐

Surrender Flower Mosaic


Surrender Flower Mosaic / Tevekkül Çiçeği Mozaik


Marble mosaic / Mermer Mozaik

Surrender flower blooms when a person finds his/her way through  life.

I think this flower shows some strength and this strength is in the characteristical features. Because in surrendering there are some kind of qualities that simplifies the process in the occupations of life. When encountering the hardships and difficulties we can surrender and see this flower bloom in front of our eyes. Surrendering to every situation we gain velocity and momentum for our dreams to come true.