“Birth of a star” mosaic – “Bir Yıldızın Doğuşu” mozaiği

There is a weightful work on my dreamland and supposed so.
To specify its guarantee
I work hard
To integrate the passengers into it
So a little bit spooky
Cautious I am in every way
But some illogical things are so relaxed

“Senem’s wedding” mosaic – “Senem’in Düğünü” mozaik

Senem’s Wedding – Senem’in Düğünü
2011 July
Abstract mosaic – Soyut mozaik
Glass mosaic tiles on mdf – Mdf üzerine cam mozaik

1. Mozaik sanat kampı – 1. Mosaic Art Camp

Uşak is a city of firsts and we -a group of Turkish mosaic artists – went there to make an exhibition concerning the mosaic art camp. We visited the Karun tresures museum, listened to the concert of some local TSM groups and toured to a pond. There was a good weather in the last day and we got out and made mosaic workshops with the people of Uşak. We had good time there. Thanks to Uşak municipality and the minister for hosting us for three days in Uşak.

%100 Faces !-Exhibition at Tünel

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In this exhibition of Painters Association we came together as painters, ceramicists and mosaicists.