“Mind” mosaic competition

The subject is “mind”
Every person has the capability of thought. Rational or irrational and consciousness had a role on all of them. In this comp. we will discuss the mind as a mosaicist.
Because in the mind there is also a mosaic competition between the levels of consciousness, the winner is a thought that can be surfaced to the rational mind and the others are losers who cannot be declared to the upper mind.
You can draw your picture as facing your thoughts for dreamy or unconscious and can have a result them all on a paper. A mind education is sustainable and with our work we will put a word for our consciousness.
Please join this competition!
You can send your mosaic works to partmozika@gmail.com
with your mosaic photo and your information.
The last day to apply is 10.June.2010

Submissions – the last day!!

number 20
number 20

Artist :  Nilgün Dabancalı

Work:  Number 20

Artist’s Words :  Wellcome to my house, number 20. My house; my life; a bit sophisticated, a bit surprising, sometimes melancholic, sometimes cheerful but always with a great energy of life..My spirit flows into materials with the affinity of colors, shapes and sounds..Here you are; wellcome to my world.

Cennet Kuşları
Cennet Kuşları

Artist : Sezgin Oktay

Work : Cennet Kuşları

Artist’s words : When studying the Cennet Kuşları that has all the colours of the rainbow,  I felt myself on heaven. I wish everyone can see the same colours with me when looking at it.

Two people on a turtle
Two people on a turtle

Artist :  Gökşen Parlatan

Work :  Two people on a turtle

Artist’s words :  The turtle is a cosmic figure picturing a planet on my mind and there are two “planetarians” on it. It seems I imagine  a world which is on a turtle !!

Mosaic competition!

The brief:   ” World is mine”  is the concept.

Materials:   Whatever you find

Reward:      The winning mosaic will be in a blog named “the winning mosaic projects”

Time span:   Till the Feast of Sacrifice /27 Nov. 2009/

Apply:    To the e-mail adress,


Format:   You can send the photo of your mosaic with the name of you and your mosaic, and if you want to add something else, you are free !