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  • Starting to my Picasso piece ! – Picasso mozaiğime başlarken !

    It’s nice to copy a master work. Although my mosaic will be stranger than the original lytographie. Here is what I am gonna do! The competiton is on http://mozaiksanati.ning.com . Turkish mosaic artists are gathering there for sharing their art and knowledge.

  • Evil Eye!!! – Mosaic art

    Mind mosaic competition has got one applicant and it is the Evil Eye. It becomes the winner, guess who is the artist! – Gökşen Parlatan!

  • “Mind” mosaic competition

    The subject is “mind” Every person has the capability of thought. Rational or irrational and consciousness had a role on all of them. In this comp. we will discuss the mind as a mosaicist. Because in the mind there is also a mosaic competition between the levels of consciousness, the winner is a thought that…

  • Submissions – the last day!!

    Artist :  Nilgün Dabancalı Work:  Number 20 Artist’s Words :  Wellcome to my house, number 20. My house; my life; a bit sophisticated, a bit surprising, sometimes melancholic, sometimes cheerful but always with a great energy of life..My spirit flows into materials with the affinity of colors, shapes and sounds..Here you are; wellcome to my…

  • Mosaic competition!

    The brief:   ” World is mine”  is the concept. Materials:   Whatever you find Reward:      The winning mosaic will be in a blog named “the winning mosaic projects” Time span:   Till the Feast of Sacrifice /27 Nov. 2009/ Apply:    To the e-mail adress, partmozika@gmail.com Format:   You can send the photo of your mosaic with the name…