Kaplan Gözü sergi açılışı / Eye Of The Tiger opening day of the exhibition

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Back to the future – Geleceğe Dönüş

Back To The Future / Geleceğe Dönüş – Mosaic exhibition / Mozaik sergisi

Gökşen Parlatan

My new exhibition is coming in a week.

Its concept is from a cult film “Back To The Future” ! Here is what I wrote about it.

/Back To The Future/

The best part of the future is that it has never been gone before. This is why it promises more things than the past. In fact, past, present and the future influences each other. Thereby, journey starts from eternity and goes back to it.

In the connection with the moment we live in, the journies to the past and the future end at the present or go on its way passing through it.

It is good that human is not an existence that lives just at the moment!

/ Geleceğe Dönüş /

En güzel noktası geleceğin henüz gidilmemiş olmasıdır. Bu yüzden geçmiştekinden daha çok şey vaat etmektedir. Aslında geçmiş, şimdi ve gelecek birbirini etkilemektedir.Bu anlamda yolculuk aslında sonsuzdan başlar ve yine sonsuza gider.

Şimdi ile kurulan bağda geçmişe ve geleceğe yapılan yolculuklar tekrar şimdide son bulur ya da şimdiden geçerek yoluna devam eder.

İyi ki insan sadece şimdide yaşayan bir varlık değildir!


It’s in your fate – mosaic artwork

it's your fate


It’s your fate – Kaderinde var
January 2013
Door handle,keys,beads,mirror,stained glass on mdf

Boris Anrep – A dedicated life to mosaic art

Boris Anrep – Floor Mosaic from National Gallery of Art in London: a portrait of T.S. Eliot as “Leisure”, studying the Theory of Relativity.

Boris Anrep (1883 – 1969)

Sometimes called “von Anrep” and miscalled “Van Anrep” by Ezra Pound NA26.9:145, he was a Russian aristocrat who became a well known sculptor and mosaic artist. He trained at the Académie Julian in Paris, spent some time in London, where he provided critical support for Roger Fry’s second Post-Impressionist show, then returned to Russia, where he wrote poetry and became a friend of the poet Anna Akhmatova. But he left after the revolution and settled in London. He was a well-known figure among the Bloomsbury Group.

Last mosaic works

Birth Of A Star

New Horizons

Day Of The Daisies

The Eggs – ungrouted

A Way Through Amazement

Björk album cover reproduction competition – vote for me!

I am joining Björk contest of Roskilde festival with this mosaic piece of mine, it is very exciting to be a part of this contest and it is superb to go to the festival if I win the tickets:)

Here is a link so you can vote for me for the contest: