When I saw this tweet I got very excited and very happy!

Thank you Play The Move for sharing my art!

I am flattered:)


“Starry Way” Mosaic Artwork

starry way

“Starry Way” mosaic artwork made with stained glass on mdf


Abstract mosaic work


“Dead Boy” mosaic artwork


İ saw his face in the newspaper. He was newly dead in an accident. İ liked him. İ liked his face. Now i want to make him an immortal boy. Working on it in the stained glass on mdf. A very good journey and a great study for me!

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“Coco” mosaic artwork is going on!

Manşet girin

“Coco” mosaic is my interpretation of Coco Chanel’s picture as an art-work.
Thanks to the film Coco Avant Chanel and the soundtrack of the film for viewing her life from artistic eyes and the website of Chanel brand for revealing her secrets when creating her legend!

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