Björk album cover reproduction competition – vote for me!

I am joining Björk contest of Roskilde festival with this mosaic piece of mine, it is very exciting to be a part of this contest and it is superb to go to the festival if I win the tickets:)

Here is a link so you can vote for me for the contest:

My 2. Solo Exhibition – 2. Kişisel Sergim

I will be in the opening with my fellow ceramic artist. The exhibition is our 2. exhibition
At the same time I will make a workshop with the visitors!




Thanks to Universe! – Şükürler Olsun!

This is the 1. presentation of my “birth of a star” mosaic work –  Bir yıldızın Doğuşu mozaiğimin ilk gösterimi

Thanks to Universe to make such a work!
I imitate and resonate the beautiful imagination of the Creator!
Simply doing a catch in the eye
and sometimes a flash in the mind
every miracle comes from and we return
every time

“Believe” mosaic – “İnan” mozaik

Believe in your dream
That it said the true
So special
In a time of a happy day
Since you are at home
Waving the other scene
So you must believe
At last
Since you are happy
In a day


Mosaic workshop at SKSM – SKSM’de Mozaik workshopu

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Çocuklarla Belediyenin logosunu yaptık.

We made the logo of the municipality with the children

“From Grief To Convergency” mosaic serie – “Kederden Kavuşmaya” mozaik serisi

This serie consists of 3 mosaics. All are theatrical images and giving emotional messages. It tells a story about a convergency, it starts from a sadness and ends with a contentment.
These are all made from glass mosaic tiles and exhibited in my first solo exhibition.