Contemporary Istanbul 2019

Güzel ve başarılı bir fuardı. Kendi adıma konuşacak olursam gezmekten çok zevk aldım. İlerleyen teknolojinin kullanıldığı imkanlarla girişte yer alan işler çok etkileyici bir ortam oluşturmuştu. Koleksiyonerlerin eserlerinin sergilendiği bölüm de kendi içinde tutarlıydı. Diğer galerilerin ve özellikle yabancı galerilerin sergilediği işler mütevazı ve ulaşılabilirdi. Böyle bir sanat fuarının her sene kendini geliştirerek devam etmesi çok sevindirici.

It was a beautiful and successful fair. If I were to speak for myself, I enjoyed the art show. With the use of advancing technology, the work at the entrance created a very impressive environment. The section where the collectors’ works were exhibited was consistent in itself. The works exhibited by other galleries and especially foreign galleries were modest and accessible. It is very pleasing that an art fair like this continues to improve every year.

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Mosaics are masterpieces

Mosaics are masterpieces

POSTED: Friday, March 17, 2017 – 6:36 a.m.

How many times have we all been out on a drive only to gaze out the window at a beautiful mosaic on a church? Even traveling on vacation, mosaics are noticed in all sorts of places. Sidewalks, the side of a building and mostly in churches. Just recently, I had the pleasure of witnessing the very large palm mosaic design being installed on the front fascia of a new hotel building.

As beautiful as mosaics are to look at, many are unaware of the tedious labor it takes to install these masterpieces of art. Not only are they labor-intensive, but designing the perfect mosaic masterpiece for a specific space, whether in a home, religious building or commercial space, can be time-consuming — especially knowing that the beauty of such artwork may be in the eye of the beholder.

A few specifics to note before deciding to install a mosaic medallion, or even a mosaic border, in your home. If a perfect look is desired in your mosaic, keep in mind the beauty of a mosaic is that not all lines will be straight or perfect. This is the attractiveness of a mosaic, a piece of art. Some mosaic borders have very tiny pieces of stones, called pebble mosaics, that must be hand-placed to make certain designs and mitered corners.

Mosaics can be made up of a combination of stones and other materials. Usually composed of marble, in today’s creative design world, many mosaic borders can be found with a mixture of hard elements. Crushed glass, marble, metal and pearl can be used in a mosaic to bring a whole bathroom together. This combination will bring in design features such as texture, visual smoothness and design details. For example, a mosaic border with these textures will bring in the glass of the shower doors and light fixtures. The metal tile detail will tie in with the metal plumbing hardware, such as the faucet in the sink and shower. The pearl will bring together the marble countertop used in the space.

If you want to create your own mosaic medallion in a bathroom in front of a vanity or front entry hallway, many options are available to inspire your creativity, from elaborate marble and mirror florals to penny octagon tiles.

If a more dramatic option for a mosaic is desired, larger designs are more popular today than ever. Large diamond marble cutouts bordered with swerving, contrasting marble inserts would be a striking statement, embellished with a glass dot in a shower or for a focal wall in a foyer entry.

Because in today’s world of tile, mosaics are defined as masterpieces of art, when working with mosaics, the creative possibilities are endless.

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Enerjist ’16 Ceremony Day



Ceremony Day was on 14th April and I gave a present to the first place of the painting competition.

Thanks to Istanbul University renewable energy club – İuyek- for honoring me as a jury in their painting competition.

The winning painting is below


I got very happy to be a part of this event, thanks to the teacher and the students who made this possible!