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  • Details from my mosaic works ! – Mozaik çalışmalarımdan detaylar !

    Gökşen Parlatan 1-Nuh’un Gemisi -Noah’s Ark 2- Simurg ve Bilgelik Kitabı – Phoenix and the Book of Knowledge 3- Kemancı – Fiddler 4 – Poppies – Gelincikler 5 – New Horizons – Yeni Ufuklar 6 – Dayanışma – Solidarity 7 – Snail – Salyangoz 8 – Dünya Benim – World is Mine 9 – The […]

  • my father bought me on a holiday

     After my turtle has been broken there was a year and my father took me to buy one more of them on a holiday. First was a sculpture and the second was the same with the old one so it was a mending treatment on the unconscious space and time. I started to work on the […]

  • Submissions – the last day!!

    Artist :  Nilgün Dabancalı Work:  Number 20 Artist’s Words :  Wellcome to my house, number 20. My house; my life; a bit sophisticated, a bit surprising, sometimes melancholic, sometimes cheerful but always with a great energy of life..My spirit flows into materials with the affinity of colors, shapes and sounds..Here you are; wellcome to my […]