Submissions – the last day!!

number 20
number 20

Artist :  Nilgün Dabancalı

Work:  Number 20

Artist’s Words :  Wellcome to my house, number 20. My house; my life; a bit sophisticated, a bit surprising, sometimes melancholic, sometimes cheerful but always with a great energy of life..My spirit flows into materials with the affinity of colors, shapes and sounds..Here you are; wellcome to my world.

Cennet Kuşları
Cennet Kuşları

Artist : Sezgin Oktay

Work : Cennet Kuşları

Artist’s words : When studying the Cennet Kuşları that has all the colours of the rainbow,  I felt myself on heaven. I wish everyone can see the same colours with me when looking at it.

Two people on a turtle
Two people on a turtle

Artist :  Gökşen Parlatan

Work :  Two people on a turtle

Artist’s words :  The turtle is a cosmic figure picturing a planet on my mind and there are two “planetarians” on it. It seems I imagine  a world which is on a turtle !!

Submissions to the competition – another work

my village

Artist : Emine Sezer

Work :  My Village

Artist’s words : In the school whenever I painted a picture, I’ve  always  drawn trees, mountains and a house, don’t forget the river and this had made my art  lesson good enough. So I think this reveals my inner world in picture!