“Shadow Game” theme

Hello, I had a solo exhibition lately. My friends and family visited my last solo exhibition and the other visitors also loved what they saw. So I was very grateful for having this exhibition. The theme of the exhibition was “shadow game” which the philosopher Plato told us about a cave. He explains our every […]

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Shadow Game solo exhibition

I have this exhibition between 28.05-03.06.2018 dates in a mall in Istanbul I hope everything goes well and “Shadow Game” is understood by everyone Being behind the curtain and watching what happens in our lives as a game is the main concept of this work and the exhibition.    

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Exhibition Update

Hello, My last work is Butterfly Effect and I participated to an exhibition with this piece. I enjoyed very much this exhibition with my new mosaic work and the other artists were painters, ceramicists and designers. I met to very great people and had good time in the opening reception. Here are some photos from […]

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Surrender Flower Mosaic

  Surrender Flower Mosaic / Tevekkül Çiçeği Mozaik 2018 Marble mosaic / Mermer Mozaik Surrender flower blooms when a person finds his/her way through  life. I think this flower shows some strength and this strength is in the characteristical features. Because in surrendering there are some kind of qualities that simplifies the process in the […]

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