“Mirror Face” on the face! – Mosaic work

Mirror Face
Mirror Face

“Mirror face” is ready for the people who looks at her. She offers a face which is theirs and she always looks from another’s eye. Her hair is colorful as the background and the face is almost obvious for the watcher.The outer field is yellow and this shows  a little bit suspect.When we look at it she doesn’t ever smile if we don’t and her bead-eyes are always being kept a secret of  a whole emptiness. The treasure in the eye makes us wonder who she was but contradictively occupies a definite form of undefinition. She is suspected as if she is us who look at it. So she has already been known by us as we know ourselves. Such a moment that inhibits the quality of suspection of a distracting possibility she says that everything is on the way and there is only one thing in the earth that being watched is this.

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