Public work

Public mosaic work
Public mosaic work

This is our public mosaic work. In the workshop which was concerning “Sokakta Şenlik (Fun on the road)”  we made this project with the people who is interested in. Everyone pasted some tiles to the whole mosaic,  somes pasted more but there were much people to want to make it a “big” work.We as named Mozika had so fun on the road. This was an open festival that Hangar association had arranged and we were there with my friend for the mosaic workshop .This organisation was for the people who takes time to look at art or who isn’t involved to art so by this way they had the chance to make art, to touch art and to learn art. I am happy to be a part of this organisation. Finally we had this beautiful public work. Maybe in an exhibition we meet with the participants who had a hand on this mosaic. Thanks to them also.

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