Chagall mosaic competition on Mozaik Sanatı site

The 1st place:

Gökşen Parlatan – “Kemancı”


I am so happy to take the 1st place in this competition. On this site we arrange mosaic competitions with Turkish mosaic artists. In this competition I took the most of the votes and won the competition. Thanks a lot:)

2 responses to “Chagall mosaic competition on Mozaik Sanatı site”

    • Thank you Jennifer, it is important to me to take your appreciation 🙂
      This work meant so much to me. Fırst Chagall had made this and then it had inspired a musical. This is telling to be joyful at hard times in the musical as the fiddler on the roof. He tries to play his best tunes on the roof caring not to fall.
      Have a nice day!

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