“Alexander the Great” Tomb Update: Mosaic Floor Uncovered!


More excitement at Amphipolis as archaeologists revealed a beautiful mosaic, mostly intact depicting the abduction of Persephone into the Underworld – a popular tale in Greek Mythology.  The mosaic, made of tiny pebbles, measures 4.5  by 3 meters and with the exception a circular disruption in the colored pebbles remains in very good condition.  The style of mosaic, indeed the style of the whole tomb experts now credit to Dinocrates of Rhodes who was Alexander the Great’s architect and adviser.

persephone (A full views of the mosaic with Hermes to the far left, following Hades and his reluctant bride Persephone. Image credit: Greek Ministry of Culture)

The Greek god Hermes is depicted in the mosaic. Image credit: Greek Culture Ministry. (Close up of the pebble-work mosaic on the figure of Hermes. Image Credit: Greek Ministry of Culture)

This new grand mosaic in addition to the extraordinary sculpture work has gossip flying that this mysterious tomb may belong to Alexander the Great.  Archaeologists are still…

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