• Now choose the best!

    The competition is over,  and we are voting now. The participants are choosing the best. I wonder who will be the winner! 30 November is the day of the announcement for who won the competition. So vote till 30 .11.2009!  

  • Submissions – the last day!!

    Artist :  Nilgün Dabancalı Work:  Number 20 Artist’s Words :  Wellcome to my house, number 20. My house; my life; a bit sophisticated, a bit surprising, sometimes melancholic, sometimes cheerful but always with a great energy of life..My spirit flows into materials with the affinity of colors, shapes and sounds..Here you are; wellcome to my […]

  • Submissions to the competition – another work

    Artist : Emine Sezer Work :  My Village Artist’s words : In the school whenever I painted a picture, I’ve  always  drawn trees, mountains and a house, don’t forget the river and this had made my art  lesson good enough. So I think this reveals my inner world in picture!

  • Public work

    This is our public mosaic work. In the workshop which was concerning “Sokakta Şenlik (Fun on the road)”  we made this project with the people who is interested in. Everyone pasted some tiles to the whole mosaic,  somes pasted more but there were much people to want to make it a “big” work.We as named Mozika […]

  • Submissions to the competition

    Name of the mosaic: Osmanlı Kuşu Artist: Semra Gönül Artist’s words: I describe myself as a bird. Like a bird I come and go to  Bodrum and like to be such a bird. I thought this work reflects me , Semra.

  • “World is mine” – deadline of the competition

    For the competition which is  “world is mine” , the time is coming. In the early dates we have announced this and the reputation comes to real in here that ending date will be above 27 . November. 2009. I hope there will be a lot of participants and the jury may  be hardened to choose […]

  • “Mirror Face” on the face! – Mosaic work

    “Mirror face” is ready for the people who looks at her. She offers a face which is theirs and she always looks from another’s eye. Her hair is colorful as the background and the face is almost obvious for the watcher.The outer field is yellow and this shows  a little bit suspect.When we look at […]

  • “Mirror Face” – coming soon!

    Face becoming all of the broken mirrors, so christalyzed face can perfectly reflect the skin of love!

  • Dreams May Come True – Mosaic artwork

  • Mosaic competition!

    The brief:   ” World is mine”  is the concept. Materials:   Whatever you find Reward:      The winning mosaic will be in a blog named “the winning mosaic projects” Time span:   Till the Feast of Sacrifice /27 Nov. 2009/ Apply:    To the e-mail adress, partmozika@gmail.com Format:   You can send the photo of your mosaic with the name […]